Am i allowed to have an Iguana for a pet in Singapore?

err just wondering because i heard even Cats aren’t allowed in the flats, but we still keep it anyway lol. ohh and i wanna keep an Iguana so yeh, are they allowed?
not so about the flushing toilets.
never heard about it.
but yeah no chewing gums, but we do it anyway haha.
yeah well its okay honey.

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  • One-Of-A-Kind Girl =]:

    i would look up some of the laws there. my class was studying Singapore, and i heard you get caned for chewing gum, not flushing the toilet, and so on. is this really true?? and sorry i couldnt be more helpful about the Iguana. =[

  • evanescence_fr3ak:

    I am unsure if you can or cant have iguanas in Singapore. You need to go to a government and find out for sure, or ask the Zoo. Singapore Zoo does have iguanas.

    Please before you get an iguana READ READ READ, know what you are truly getting yourself into.

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