Are Desert Iguana’s easy to keep as pets?

I saw one in the store and they looked cool. What I have found online is that they are only 10 to 16 inches, just the size I want. Need something easy too, this would be my fist lizard

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    I really think they’re the easiest to have because I had one about 3 years ago, but I actually gave him away all you need to do is set up his enviorment as if he was at a desert put some sand in the tank make it look official you know.
    Keep giving him water they seem to drink that a lot and feed him whatever you want I fed mines a lot of pinkies meaning new born mice.

  • chelsea r:

    all species of iguana are pretty high maintenance. a really cool beginer lizard would defiantly be a leopard gecko. they come in many colors and are easy to handle. its always best to read up on any reptile before you but. good luck.

  • foured4x4:

    My desert iguana’s did great in captivity. They are vegetarians though and enjoy creosote the most. So hopefully you can get that. Pinkies are ok once and awhile but are very high in fat and not their normal diet. They are not jittery and enjoyed a very hot cage of about 95 on one side and 80 on the other. Do not mist them, just a bowl of water. And no heat rocks. Good luck.

  • jason c:

    definetly not the easiest Iguanas are high maintenance no matter what kind, Get a bearded dragon or a leopard gecko A desert Iguana is not the way to start out they are a lot of work and take more attention than a lot of other reptiles. Leopard geckos are great first reptiles look those up. Iguanas can get aggressive as they get older I have had a green Iguana for 8 years and it is about ft. long It is somewhat tame but will still whip me with its tail and stuff.

  • Betty:

    Here is a link to Melissa Kapalan’s article on Desert Iguanas
    They are herbavores so feeding mice as suggested above would be detrimental to their health. The max length seems to be 18 inches
    These lizards need to hibernate, which I think would nock them out of the easy catagory immediately.

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