Are iguana’s good pets? give me lots of info!

are they easier then chameleons? do they bite? what are there needs? can you play with them?
when are they awake? do they make noise?

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  • drk2223:

    any reptile is easyer then a chameleon they can get up to 6 feet which is normal how long they get and they can sometimes be aggresive its for the intermidate exprenced with reptiles I had a aggresive 6 foot inguana many stitches and a fake thumb lol

  • gimmenamenow:

    As already mentioned, anything’s easier than a chameleon. They can bite and scratch and whip you with their tail if they’re not well-socialized. If they’re given a good deal of attention on a very regular basis, they can be quite friendly, but keep in mind, it is an iguana’s nature to be at the highest point possible… very fun when you’re holding a 6 and a half footer that notices the top of your head… I’m suprised I don’t still have scars.

    They need an owner who has a decent knowledge of them before purchase, a large cage, UVB lighting, a varied diet supplemented with a calcium/D3 supplement, things to climb on, and at least 15 years of your life if you do it right.

  • SPend_day:

    iguana’s make awful pets at least chams are relatively peaceful (if easily stressed and get ill alot)

    iguanas grow to a large size tend to be grumpy at best aggressive at worst are all most impossible to tame and have a tendence to one da for no reason lash out at there owners (and if the owner is not on there guard they could end up needing stitches)

    they need a cage the size of a small room and have very specialists care needs. also are expensive when it come to food and vet bills

    please they may be easier than a cham on paper but they arent good pets get a large gecko skink or monitor if u want a largish pet reptile

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