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Do savannah moniters or,iguanas make good pets?? ADD some pics if you have either one

i was thinking because i already have two bearded dragons and if an iguana or monitor made good poets either one of them which makes better pet and what requirement do they need and has anyone ever been to Randal’s reptiles in mcdonough cuz i heard it is a great store there because i live like 1 hr and 30 min from it

Iguana Lizard – Tips on Proper Iguana Lizard Care

An iguana though robust and aggressive in nature needs a lot of care than most of the pet animals. Most people who got their pet iguanas for the first time do not know what to do about them or do not have the knowledge on how to properly care for them.

The most important thing to do when having an Iguana Lizard as your pet is to get to know them, read articles about the, and consult some professionals on how to take good care of them.

Stay away from bad informations that you might get from shop owners and other people who seem to know about it but doesn’t.

Most iguana owners often get confused on which book to follow and which website to look at or which person to take advice from. So to have the right information about taking good care of your iguana make sure that your guidelines are approved and also check out some credible websites about the myths and misconception about taking good care of your iguana lizard pet.

Make your iguana feel at home first by not moving it from a small place first, leave your iguana in a small secluded place and observe it first for a few weeks and chart down different changes that it may project.

It may be stressful for your iguana to get used to your place for the first time so but don’t fret about not being able to handle your iguana for the first few weeks, this will basically make the taming process of your iguana faster.

Next is to find a good veterinarian for your iguana. While waiting for your iguana to get accustomed to his new environment you should find a good veterinarian for your iguana’s regular checkup.

Food is another issue when it comes to taking care of your Iguana Lizard pet. Aside from the iguana food that you can buy from the pet store you can also feed your iguana with vegetables and fruits

One basic rule is that Iguana Lizards are stringently herbivores, though many books recommend insects to be fed to iguanas some are still against this notion and firmly believes that feeding your iguana lizards green and leafy herbs is still the best diet.

Eventually the most important thing is to provide them with fresh food and water. And they should be fed regularly everyday the number of times is not that important as long as it is fed everyday and fed enough to be healthy.

Habitat of your iguana is also a major factor in your proper care regimen. You should have a large place for your iguana lizard, as time goes by your pet will grow bigger almost four times bigger the size when you first bought it.

Cleanliness is also an important factor in an Iguana’s habitat and with your Iguana as well. Try to clean them on very regular basis to avoid parasites that can cause sickness and odor on your iguana’s habitat.

One thing that you should have in mind before owning an iguana lizard is the amount of fund that you are willing to give. Owning an iguana is not an easy task both physically and financially, so be ready to shed not just some sweat but also some cash to go with it.

Iguana Information – The Different and the Similar

Green iguanas are the ones you usually bring home to take care and pamper. What you may not know is that there are different types of iguanas out there. Oftentimes, you will see these other types not in pet stores but in the forests where they live.

There are actually six types of iguanas. These are the

1. Dipsosaurus, the desert iguana.
2. Ctenosaura, the spiny-tailed iguana.
3. Lemanctus, casque-headed iguana.
4. Corytophanes, the helmeted iguana.
5. Cyclura, the rhinoceros and rock iguana.
5. Chalarodon, the Madagascar iguana.
6. Green iguana.

The famous iguana that is fast becoming a part of most households is the green iguana. These iguanas may be of different types and appearances but they all have similarities terms of diet, habits and size.

1. Herbivores iguanas.

The description of herbivores is the kind that eats only plant or plant matters. It can be noted that there are not many reptiles that can live on plant food alone. This is what makes iguanas unique from them. This may be the reason why people want these reptiles for their pet. Feeding them is not as hard as any other animals.

Being herbivores does not mean that you can just pick any plant out there to feed your iguana. If you want to maintain its health, consider giving them nutritious green and leafy vegetables. Try lettuce. You can give it to them regularly. If you do not have an abundance of vegetables to supply, consider other alternative sources of leafy plants.

2. Tropical temperature.

Iguanas are used to having tropical climates all year round. That is why you will not be able to find an iguana habitat in places where there are shifts of hot and cold climates.

This is one thing that you should consider once you have decided to have a pet iguana. You are required to monitor the temperature around your house or in shelter that you have provided for them.

Iguanas need constant heat to maintain their body temperature. Many iguana owners have realized that there is an increase in the usage of their electric heaters or gas once they have an iguana in their household.

So if you are located in locations where there is a winter season, make sure that your heater works. If you do not have one reliable source of heat, then it is a wise idea not to consider getting an iguana.

3. Tamed iguana.

Your pet iguana will not get tamed on its own. As the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you tame your iguana well so that they will be able to socialize well with you and with others.

A tamed iguana will be able to roam around your house without moving or eating on anything that arouses its curiosity. You can also take them outdoors or in events outside of your home. You also have the ability to caress, hold and cuddle your iguana once you are assured that it will not harm you when you do so.

4. Iguanas grow big.

You might be misled into thinking that your iguana will remain small and tiny all throughout its life cycle. This is a misconception.

All types of iguanas will grow its full size once they are taken properly care of. In 3 to 4 years time, expect your iguana to be five to six feet long.

How to tame your pet Iguana?

How to take care of your first Iguana

Iguana Lizards – Where to Find Information about Iguanas and Lizards

People who are interested in iguanas in lizards can find a lot of resources filled with information. In fact, anyone who is interested in iguanas and lizards is likely to find that one such resource is very accessible to them. Here are some resources that you can use:

1) Books – Some people have dismissed books as being old technology. These people believe that books are outdated. They prefer the faster and more exciting information provided by computers and the internet. However, there is wisdom to be found in old books. Books are written by people who truly know about iguanas and lizards. This means that the information contained within books is very reliable. You just can’t say that about other sources of information anymore.

Books are very convenient for people who are looking for extensive information. Of course, you are going to have to find the right book in order to get the information that you want. When you do find that right book, you are sure to get the best type of information available.

There are certain disadvantages to using books as sources of information about iguanas and lizards. As said before, you do need to find the right book in order to find the right type of information. This means that you have to get the most updated books available. Unfortunately, not all books are constantly updated and finding an outdated one may leave you with information about iguanas and lizards that is no longer relevant.

2) The internet – The internet is the largest resource of information that you can use. With the technology of the internet, people who need information are able to get that information anytime and anywhere. The convenience of the internet is that it allows you to access the information you need instantly.

The internet also connects you to other people. This means you not only get information, you also get to consult with the people who can help you with your need. The internet will allow you to access all sorts of information about iguanas and lizards. You can have information about their types, lives, how to take care of them as pets, and other types of data which you may need.

The internet, however, also has its disadvantages. For one thing, many sites on the internet offer information that is not verified by experts or professionals. This means that you can’t really be sure if the information about iguanas and lizards that you got from the internet is actually reliable.

There are also people who place different types of malicious software on the internet. These programs can cause some serious harm to your computer. This means that you have to be extra careful if you are searching for information about iguanas and lizards on the internet.
3) Pet stores – pet stores are great resources for finding different types of information about iguanas and lizards. However, the information that you can get from these shops is limited to information about caring for a pet iguana or lizard. Still, we’re talking about pretty valuable information here. Pet shop personnel may also be very knowledgeable regarding lizards and iguanas so they may be able to help you a lot. By going to a pet shop for information, you can be sure that you will get the data you need to help you with an iguana or lizard in captivity.

Iguana Nests – Important Bits of Information

The breeding of the iguanas which are taken captive has risen to several controversies. This is said to actually limit the existing demands for iguanas which are still imported from the iguana farms of the Central and South America. Why not? The iguana pet owners will certainly provide the iguana nests and initiate the breeding of the reptiles. But then, the iguana pet owners have seen the brighter side of the matter. They are in truth making money out of the iguana nests! The adult iguanas are being bred while the iguana babies are sold. Today, the iguanas are sold in a very cheap price therefore giving the impression that the iguanas are disposable pets.

There are the pros and cons too of having iguana nests and breeding the reptiles. For one, the breeding of the iguanas is such a wonderful thing to enjoy and experience. The mother iguana tries its best to be resourceful enough to find a good place to lay its eggs and wait until they get hatched. With the natural or artificial iguana nests, the mother iguanas settle their babies. As a con to the breeding of an iguana, as the reptiles increase in number, the more space the owner needs to house them. Feeding them likewise becomes a problem. The control of the iguanas tends to be hard to be maneuvered especially that they are already too many. Those who are only given proper attention and nutrition are likely to stay healthy, fit and able to survive.

Preparing the Iguana Nest

So as to ensure that the reproduction will go on smoothly, it is advisable to place iguanas of the opposite sex together especially during the breeding season. It is right to group the iguanas according to the size and ratio. There should be one male and one or more females. The male iguanas are typically smaller than the female iguanas because if the opposite thing happens, the latter may end up killing the male during the mating.

You can likewise try out some media for the iguana nest you are creating. You can try out the 100% potting soil wherein the eggs can be buried, the 50% play sand and 50 % potting soil, or the 100% play sand which is much easier for the female iguana to dig into and thus making it possible for the pit formation to settle the eggs into. Also put in your mind that the iguana nest must be safe for your pests. The environment of the iguana nest should make the reptiles safe against the possible abrasions, scratches, and other injuries.

The nesting box must be durable enough to hold up to 200 pounds of the soil or sand that you will include in the iguana nest. You can add up some tray planter with the other end cut off so that there will be some sort of tunnel for the iguana to play on. If you would like to use some cheaper alternatives, the wooden boxes or plastic trash may do. Just ensure again the safety of the reptiles.

It is important that you monitor the laying of the eggs of your pet. At times not all eggs are laid which may result to some problem on the female iguana’s part. Do not interrupt when the female iguanas guard their nests. It is some sort of mother’s instinct too.

Is an iguana a good pet to have?

Is it mean?
Will I get rabies if it bites me?
Will it run away if I take it outside?
What do they eat?

Is it bad to spoil your pet iguana?

I have a 7 year old iguana who sleeps with me at night, she never could be put in a cage mostly because I felt like I was putting her in prison and she did no crime. She is outside everyday until about 6:pm then she is working her way under the blankets. I also have her pretty spoiled by hand feeding her, she eats well on her own but if I hand feed her she clears the bowl.

Iguana Pets – Are You Ready for an Iguana Pet?

People think that iguanas make cool pets; they may be right. Some may have the misconception that iguanas are low-maintenance pets; they would be wrong. As with all pets, iguanas have their requirements. However, the main issue in taking care of a pet iguana is not just your ability to provide the iguana’s needs. It also involves your qualifications.

So what does it take to have a pet iguana?

1) Love – of course, you need to love your iguana in order to take proper care of it. When you love your pet iguana, it naturally follows that you will do everything to take good care of it. This is the basic requirement for an iguana pet owner. This is because love lays down the foundation for all the other things that you need to do or have in order to take proper care of your iguana.

2) Patience – iguanas need a very long time to be tamed. You cannot expect an iguana to begin behaving properly immediately. You need to be patient in order to spend the amount of time required to properly train an iguana. You must persevere in order to truly take care of your pet iguana. Remember that patience is not just about riding out your pet iguana’s bad habits; it is about making the effort to train it properly.

3) Commitment – we are not talking about a marriage. However, you need to be committed to taking care of your pet iguana. Some people just buy an iguana on impulse. During the first days, they might take proper care of the iguana. However, as time goes by, they soon lag in their responsibilities and the iguana is neglected. This, of course, leads to some serious consequences.

Before buying a pet iguana, you should realize that iguanas can live up to 20 years. Are you prepared to make a commitment for that length of time? If you think that you can just sell an iguana when you’re bored with it, you would be wrong. You see, a sudden change of owners can affect the iguana very deeply. It would adversely affect the iguana’s health.

4) Finances – taking care of an iguana can be very expensive. You need to provide food, a spacious habitat, and other supplies that are necessary to a pet iguana’s well-being. You will also have to spend cash for regular trips to the veterinarian. Can you do that? Remember that buying the pet iguana is only the first step. You need to spend money to take care of it too.

5) Willingness to learn – some people jump at the prospect of buying a pet iguana without first thinking about the things they need to do in order to take proper care of an iguana. If you are planning to own a pet iguana, you should have the willingness to learn how to properly take care of them. This means that you have to make the effort to read up on iguanas and how to take proper care of them.
6) Time – you need to have available time in order to take proper care of a pet iguana. This does not mean that you need to have time to feed it and clean it. You need to spend some time to play with your pet iguana. This will definitely help the health and well-being of your pet iguana.

Can a Leopard Tortoise and an Iguana live in the same terrarium?

I just went yesterday to a pet store and ask if a Leopard Tortoise and an Iguana could live in the same terrarium, they answered me yes, then I bought all the kit, and both, the Iguana and the tortoise, my girlfriend liked very much the tortoise and I have always wanted to have an Iguana, so I thought it was a great chace to make our dreams come true. Today after setting the terrarium and getting the tortoise and the iguana in it I was checking all the facts on both pets over the internet and found out this kind of tortoise needs a dry enviroment and the iguana a humid one. Can you make me any suggestions on how I can settle this out, since we do not have budget or room to set another terrarium and we can not return any of the pets to the pet store.

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