can a frog and iguana live together?

i have a pet iguana about 2 feet long, and recently there have been a larg number of fruit flys in his cage,, even after i clean it they come back! i think they annoy him.. if i made the cage part water or added a bowl with part sand and water. would he try to eat it? if i got say a small fire bellied toad. or would he get too hot with the heating lamp?

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  • Melissa324:

    I wouldn’t house them together. Even though iguanas eat mostly all vegetables I’d imagine sticking a frog in with him could cause problems. Your iguana could step on the frog causing injury and the slightest injuries to a frog can lead to infection.

  • Pat:

    no. drugs are bad mmkayyyyy

  • Lovely:

    If you put a frog in with an iguana it could stress your iguana out. he could also become territorial and bite the frog (even though he wouldn’t eat it) and that would kill the frog. Maybe try getting a new cage that they can’t get into.

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