Can anyone tell me how to teach the iguana to go toilet at a certain place?

I’ve just bought a baby iguana from the pet shop. And the pet shop keeper told me that the iguane can be teach to go toilet. So now i’m wondering how to teach the iguana to go toilet. Isn’t true that the iguna can be teach? I’ll appreciate with your help and answer. Thanx a lot.

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  • nuca t:

    you have to go toilet very often

  • spiritwalker:

    You have a LIZARD, not a Dog or Cat, No they go where they want when they want, hopefully you have it in a home big enough for it, they will however pick their own spot to go.
    Home = large aquarium.
    Heating rock is suggested also.

  • hitechdogs:

    Try a litter box. I use scoopable cat litter in mine.

  • SASSY_1:

    i had one 5 feet long which i had to donate for space reasons, i taught him to use a bowl of water in his cage. or you can put them in the bath tub with water when they are older 1 a day.

  • cgl:

    When mine was smaller, I found he tended to to in the same place all the time and I would put a waterproof tablecloth on the floor where he liked to go. Now he is tub trained (I put him in) and goes in the tub every morning. Warm (not hot) water stimulates their bowels. Make sure you clean the tub after as feces can contain salmonella.

  • Shona:

    If you’re looking for great information about looking after iguanas, the book ‘Iguanas for Dummies’ is excellent. It has loads of help with ‘training’ and general care.

  • Pullay:

    give him a good hiding

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