Can I legally marry my pet iguana?

I’m having thoughts about hosting a wedding for my pet iguana and I. In my culture, iguanas are sacred and worshiped. Do I need to get a legal contract or document?

After all, he is pretty cute, he’s nice and has a good sense of humor!

Thank you.

10 Responses to “Can I legally marry my pet iguana?”

  • efrain78223:

    that really weird..

  • Weddingzilla:

    I have no clue about your culture, but the answer is NOOOOOOO!
    You can’t marry any species but human.

  • nakedgie:

    If two guys can marry,why not your and your iguana?

  • Regina:

    awwwwwwww cuddles!!!!!

  • Mary L:

    From a legal standpoint, you very probably cannot do it. Almost all jurisdictions define marriage as between a man and a woman, and thus inherently mean human beings. A few jurisdictions are now recognizing same-sex marriages, but those, too, are between humans.

  • shawnee312000:

    sure why not

  • ♥maggie♥:

    sure why not i married my dog once…but i was 6….and in my barbie dress…..

  • Getting Stronger Every Day:

    Iguanas can’t consent – sorry you’ll just have to keep living in sin

  • kiddo:

    I think that would fall under the category of bestiality, though he does sound charming!

    I’d look into adoption (an iguana baby is something you could be proud of, and is probably more societally acceptable than an iguana husband), and marry something less scaley.

  • Future Mrs Zigler:

    Beware of his tail.

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