Do Iguana’s make good pets and do they get along with cats?

Im talking about the big types of Iguana. Are they easy tot ake care of and are they ok around cats? Or would cats hate them?

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  • Seadragonesss:

    iguanas dont make good pets they require alot of special care and cats dont like them much at all !

  • choccy_002:

    It depends what you want from a pet, I suppose. I can’t imagine an iguana running after balls or fetching sticks or playing with balls of string. Or being very nice to pet.
    I believe they take an awful lot of caring for, too. No idea about cats but I wouldn’t imagine them getting along.

  • Darla G:

    Iguana’s are not really very social animals. They make good pets only if you have a lot of time and attention to devote to them. They can be be very picky eaters and very temperamental. There are exceptions to the rule of course, but most the most part they are real diva’s!!!

  • housemusic2222:

    This kinda of animals are only for people who knows about its caring, about its illness, about its feeding…

    Reptils never can be ok with cats !!

    “Your house it is not theirs”

    “Reptils are not ours to catch, to buy, and to kill….

    They need a lot of proffessional attention ”

    Good luck !

  • Guitar Dictator:

    i think instead of an iguana a bearded dragon would be better for you. They need less care than iguanas and are more social there is still the problem of a cat thought. I don’t have a problem because my cat doesn’t go into my room it smell too bad

  • Snowfox:

    i have 2 iguanas and they aren’t as easy to take care of as you would think. but they love attention. and they love to be out and crawling around on you. but you have to spend time with them. i’m not sure if they get along with cats cause i havn’t tried it. and they are expensive. but they are really cool animals. and i would recommend not to keep a male and female together cause during breeding season the male will bite the female. good luck! hope you find what you are looking for!

  • mattsass3:

    no get a chihuahua and name them ren and stimpy


    well iguanas do not make good pets and they sure don’t get along with cats. iguanas are not easy to care for, they do require alot of care in order for them to survive being kept in a tank. cats are not the iguanas favorite friend and if the iguana feels threatened then they will use their tail to whip anything that they feel is a threat to them. and yes the cats would hate them and probably would hate you for bringing another animal in the house. i used to do rescue of the iguanas and i did have a cat then and when i would bring one home my cats hated me for that and they started peeing and pooping in my room to let me know that they were not happy with the situation. i hope this helps.

  • KitKat:

    No..they are not easy to take care of and can be temperamental. They often end up in shelters.

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