Do savannah moniters or,iguanas make good pets?? ADD some pics if you have either one

i was thinking because i already have two bearded dragons and if an iguana or monitor made good poets either one of them which makes better pet and what requirement do they need and has anyone ever been to Randal’s reptiles in mcdonough cuz i heard it is a great store there because i live like 1 hr and 30 min from it

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  • halo 3 player:

    savanna monitors are really aggressive and bite hard. iguanas can be aggressive and will whip people with their tails and can break a skin open. they are good pets but not for beginners. but savannas and iguanas can get really attracted to you if you tame it as a baby. but you need to spend time and play with them everyday. when it becomes an adult, they won’t act so aggressive but it doesn’t mean that they will never turn against you.

  • jason h:

    having two bearded dragons does not prepare you for the work,commitment , or financial costs of caring PROPERLY for either a savannah or an iguana. having 2 bearded dragons, also does not teach you the basic(for lack of a better word)”instincts” for reptile care you would need to care for either animal.these facts make your question irrelevant.stop thinking about iguanas and savs, enjoy your bearded dragons. keep them for a few years, by all means please try your hands at breeding them its very fun and a great way to learn the basics of reptile care and reproduction with a very easy to care for and forgiving the iguanas and savs for people with more experience under their will be there before you know it..
    good luck!

    (one must crawl before they run marathons.)

  • Nick L:

    i have 2 iguanas they make excelent pets as long as you have the rite things for them…. the tank has to be big enough. monitors are very agressive and not very tamable…. you can take the animal out of the wild but cant take the wild out of the animal.

  • Azure Child:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Jason. Having two beardies does not prepare you for the work and financial drain of having a big lizard with very specific needs. Enjoy your beardies, make their life wholesome and leave the big reptiles to a more experienced herper.

  • K Z:

    Jason is right on! Beardies are wonderful easy pets. Monitors in general are not nice or easy; iguanas are easier than monitors, but neither are for beginners. I had a Savannah Monitor that was only about 6 inches long when I got him. I handled him every day for a couple years. Suddenly, and I never could figure out why, he became very mean and aggressive. He bit me several times… hard and drew blood. He even chased me across the living room and he wasn’t playing!! I could not “fix” him so I found him a new home. I also had a Black Throat Monitor that did alot of damage the times he decided to bite me. He also frequently whipped me with his tail, and let me tell you, it hurts!! My experience with iguanas has been more pleasant, but they do require alot of handling, can and will bit as they get bigger and they do whip you with their tail. All these big “lizards” require constant handling, proper feeding and housing. The food bill can take it’s toll on you. so you have to be prepared to spend quite a bit of money to feed them. To tell you the truth, I really miss my nice, calm, easy to handle Beardies….

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