Green Iguana – Taking care of the gentle giant

As it is, with the current recession and everything else going on, more and more people are opting for pets. The reason behind this is simple, you need something or someone to fall back on when you might feel a little down, such is the example of the giant green iguana. One of the natures gentle giants that has suddenly become a craze amongst pet owners.
So what is it that makes this pet so special in the first place? Well, for one thing, they are very nice to look at and while they might not give off the same cuddly features that you normally get from a cat or a dog. But that’s not the only thing, you would think that perhaps its just the fleshy outlook that would keep you happy, its more of the fact that they are lazy giants who spend most of the day basking in the sun.

It is just soothing to the eye to see them like that, you know basking in the sun relaxing and feeding off on a lazy fly every now and then, but the thing is that you need to make sure that you are taking adequate care of them as well.
The first thing that you would need to concern yourself with is that you need to have the right kind of temperature in order to keep the giant green iguana happy, the normally preferred temperature for the green Iguana is roughly between 92 and 97 degrees F. The enclosure where you place them should not exceed 85 Degrees-F.
You would also need to make sure that the humidity is also stable. This is one aspect that most pet owners almost always overlook. As it is, the green Iguana absorbs most of the moisture out of the hair, so the more humid it is the better the health of the iguana would be. Keeping that in mind, you also need to make sure that you have a water bowl available within the enclosure this would insure that the iguana gets the right kind of moisture.
Just keep these few things in mind and your green Iguana will stay healthy for the longest term possible. All the best in taking care of the gentle giant.

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