how can i tell a male iguana from a female?

i have a juvinile iguana and i was wondering how i can tell the sex of my pet iguana?

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  • shutterpod:

    see if he got a birdy

  • MetalTeK:

    Males are generally larger, more aggressive, have bigger jowls, and larger tines running down their back. But the only sure way to sex any reptile is to have them probed. That is, they insert a stainless steel rod into the vent, and check the depth. Something to only be done by an experienced person.

  • marryme_alig:

    I had a crested gecko for over a year and could never figure out what sex it was…finally someone sent me a picture of what a male gecko looks like. It was pretty obvious from the picture. They pack a mean set a’ nuts. (So, mine was a girl gecko.)

  • Dawn M:

    YES I CAN!!! If you hold up you iguana to look under on its thighs or these dots that are called Spores. You are still going to need a book or check online to compare,but, If they are large ones its a male and smaller is a female. but if they are still young it is hard to tell till older.

  • ozzkat2002:

    They have spores on their legs..on males are bigger than females…smaller igs they are harder to see and compare..i just happen to take Rocko to a reptile pet store and the guys there showed me the difference…you cant go on their behavior as all igs are different…i do know if you check yourself to be careful Rocko has tried to bite me a couple of times by liftin his leg…to show others how they can tell…but like i said juvenile ig are harder to tell..

  • mhpython:

    You look on the underside of their back legs for the Femoral PORES (not spores) Male’s pores are much easier to see than females. Generally you can’t tell until they hit sexual maturity. There are males that look female, they are “Beta” Males. They are less dominant than the “Alpha” males. I see it more when multiple iguanas are housed in the same area like my rescue.

  • lizardlover42000:

    its hard with a juvenile wait another 6 months to year they will have long spike a big dewlap a fatter face and jowels that buldge out . and they are more agressive and turn orange during breeding season.

  • xrose_of_shyronx:

    Look for the femoral pores under its hind legs, if they are larger then it is a male, if they are smaller and harder to see they it is likly that you have a female. there are also some other ways to tell if you have a male or female iguana. you can e-mail me with any other questions

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