How do green iguana’s get along with other pets such as cats and dogs when they get bigger?

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  • Lauryn:

    Im not sure if this goes for all of them but i had one that got along very well with our kitten.

  • Solly:

    I wouldn’t risk it. I adopted a panther chameleon that came from a cat-house. The chameleon had a tiny puncture wound from a cat-claw, that abscessed and killed it. Cat claws are notoriously filthy, as they step into their own waste to relieve themselves.

  • moon76:

    I had an iguana for 10 years, and he was scared to death of dogs, cats, and birds. He was a great pet, very nice and calm, but at the sight of a dog, etc. he would get very defensive and sometimes plain mad.

    From what I have read, in general iguana’s are not real tolerant to other animals. But, I’m sure it varies depending on what they are used to, and what they are around on a regular basis.

  • I_hate_andre:

    it should

  • iLoVeKeELo:

    lol.. i think this question is funny.. but i wouldn’t trust either one fo them together…

  • draginmud:

    I HAVE A 5 FT IGUANA and he gets a long great with my 4 dogs and cat he even rides the biggest dog

  • Wibble:

    Personally I wouldn’t put green iguanas in a situation where they would be exposed to other pets. I’ve seen some pretty nasty injuries sustained as a result.

  • Midnight:

    My iguana grew up with cats, so she’s pretty good around them. My older cat, who she has known all her life, never bothers her. My younger 2 year old cat considers her a toy and tries to play with her tail and eat her. She isn’t afraid of him, but she doesn’t know what he’s trying to do with her tail. She is absolutley scared to death of all dogs, no matter how small. I really think it depends on the iguana, and on the other pets.

  • stephanie_kittie:

    If the iguana is tame and used to people make sure it gets used to the other animals as well and when it gets bigger it should be used to them too.

  • lizardlover42000:

    they don,t they scare each other not a good idea to have them together.

  • Jennifer L:

    i think it depends on how much interaction they get whilel growing up around the other animal, on some occassions they can be pretty aggressive.

  • nemochik1:

    I have an iguana now at a pet store where everbody can see her but at the time i have three cats and other reptiles and she got along with them all…i mean don’t ever leave two totally different species of animals alone around each other without watching them closely…now my iguana wears clothes and is taken to schools and around a lot more animals and she is still doing fine and she is about 6 foot long but it all depends on the iguana too…they are just like everything else …not all of them are the same

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