How hard is it to raise a free roaming pet iguana?

also, Ive heard you can potty train them, how do you do this?

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  • Nora:

    based on the question it sounds like you need a good realistic information source.
    Melissa Kaplan is the best there is. Please check out her site.

  • sportykat66:

    If you have patience and time, you can train your iguana to use paper train them. My Ozzy, was a free roamer. He was only housed when we went away or if there were people in the house, deathly afraid, but 80% of the time he was free. You know how they say to get down to puppy or baby level when making your home safe, same for this beast. Get down on that belly of yours and look around. Making sure that electrical cords can’t possess a choking hazard. Make sure that if something small is on the floors to pick it up…they use their tongue lots and if there is something like a penny or marble on the floor they may think its food. Not good if they swallow those things. Get stuff that is breakable off the floor as well. They like to climb furniture and sometimes the curtains…however you can train them to understand what NO, means, if you hear from someone that they don’t understand what we say, trust me they do. Least mine did! Paper training your iguana is just like a puppy, when you see them start to go potty pick them up, (do not startle them) and put on paper, or in a box…my iguana got used to going in the litter box but once he got too big, he would then go to the door to be let out. Teaching him to go outside is just like a puppy. Make sure you have a secure area outside where he can do his business. When your pet does good thing praise him with his favorite treat. Soon you well have a great pet. Iguana’s are awesome. My Ozzy was too cool…he was over 4.5 ft long, loved to go for a car ride and hang his head out the window, like a dog…he would walk on a leash, ate pizza and ice cream and could guzzle a can of beer or soda in a flash. I spoiled my little guy, he loved his metal music, had his favorite teddy bear to sleep with, wore a bandanna, i would paint his spikes to the holiday seasons. Just an all around great buddy to hang with.

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