how much does does an iguana cost?

I want to buy a iguana for a pet, but I want to know how much it
cost, what it eats, what I need to do for them? what? please help?
I have a turtle and she has a lamp. All I
have to do is buy another lamp for the
iguana, And I’m actually buying it for my
son-in-law, he has a big fish tank. I just
wanted to get everything before I hand
it over to him.

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  • Molly:

    Here, babys are $15-$30.

  • Kristin B:

    maintinance on an iguana can be very expensive.. you should visit a pet store that carries them and ask for some advice there.. as well as read a book or manual on caring for iguanas. They are one of the top animals who are abused by people because they are not caring for them correctly. They need large tanks.. VERY large tanks. Very specific heat, nail trimmings, fresh veggies along with their other food, and room to roam as well. We had two in our classroom at school and they took alot of attention and care to keep healthy. Please do lots of research first!

  • norag:

    depends on where u live and what store u buy it from.
    why don’t u call ur local pet store and see if they even have them.
    i know they eat fruits and veggies and need to b warm so b careful if u live up north
    why would u want a pet u know nothing about, look them up on the internet and see what care they require.

  • ellyn2667:

    Baby or Juvenile Iguanas are about $10 to $25. Iguanas have a special dry diet they’re fed but they can also eat green vegetables like lettuce. You need a 10 or 20 gallon terrarium with a heat lamp and branches inside. You probably also need a UVB or UVA lamp and fixture if the iguana will not be exposed to a lot of sunlight.

  • April M:

    babies at the pet store on sale $12.99…i bought a 3 foot iguana out of my local classifieds…needs an adequate cage,food and water bowl,plants,heat lamp,bark liner in bottom for pottying,a squirt bottle(they love to be misted especially when scaling)and i went to my web search and put in iguana..u will be amazed at all of the things those lil rascals can eat..i got rid of mine cause she hated me and always swatted me with her tail…so a friend of mine has her now and she is really a good pet to them!!gl

  • mysticdreamer2006:

    hi there
    most pet store sell them for $15-30 for babies

    Common Name: Green Iguana.
    Scientific Name: Iguana iguana.

    Size 5′ – 6′ Total Length.
    Life span (Captive) The normal life expectancy of a Healthy Iguana is around 15 years.
    Origin Central & South Americas.

    for more info on there basic needs come visit our website …

  • Tiffanie s:

    i bought mine for $19.99 with tax and everything $21.00 but im getting rid of mine im notsure why but i dont get a relationship with a reptile lol i have more love for furry creaturs

    good luck always:mimi

  • beautifuljoe1313:

    Do you realize that iguanas can grow up to SIX feet long? They need thier own custom enclosures – not an aquarium – when they are bigger. They can live 10-20 years, too. A baby iguana is pretty cheap, but taking care of one is expensive. A regular vet visit usually runs over $100 – that includes the visit, a fecal check, blood work, and an x-ray, and not all vets are qualified to see iguanas.

    Visit to learn more about caring for iguanas, or get the book Iguanas for Dummies by Melissa Kaplan. It’s a very good book, despite the name. Iguanas eat a wide variety of vegetebles and fruits, and need high humidity and an overhead heat source 24/7.

    If you do your research and still want one, visit to see if there are some for adption in your area. Also check your state/county codes, as it’s illegal to own an iguana in some areas (such as Washington DC and New York City).


  • lizzardbabe:

    Depends on where you buy them. For ex. baby iggies in Eastern US range from 17-20$. Adults are 30-50$.
    If you buy them in central US they are a bit cheaper.
    Iggies are vegetarians they like colliard greens, romaine lettuce, bananas, apples, carrots, celery, zuchini, cucumber, and mango. Once in a while you can feed them small amounts of pasta-they love it- but not often. it contains to much fat for them.
    NEVER feed them spinach, turnip, other kinds of lettuce other than romaine, and plums. they will eventually die because they are unable to digest those foods and it will mess up their urinary tract.
    In the tank the temp. has to be from 80-90 degrees F.
    the humidity level has to be 70-80 degrees.
    Iguanas are very lovable and they like to be handled.
    they also loooove to climb so put several sticks and vines they can climb up.
    Good luck raising your iggie!!! hope this info helps.


    The iguana itself is cheap..maybe $15-$30. It is everything else that you need that will kill your wallet. (like hundreds)
    They can get up to 6 feet long and you are going to have to custom BUILD an enclosure big enough for it. A 20 or 30 gallon tank will be ok for a little while, but not very long. Some of them can get pretty nasty too.
    Seriously do some research on iguanas before you get one. And don’t listen to the people in the pet stores either (unless you are lucky enough to find a really good herp expert). Half of the kids in the petshops are clueless on reptiles.
    My husband went out and got 2 water dragons. talked to some idiot kid in the pet shop who told us they only need 1 kind of light, only ate crickets, and would be fine living in a 20 gallon tank. Boy, was he wrong!

    Here’s a good site for you to check out

  • rybsunrise:

    Several hundred dollars, when you factor in very large cage (tank isn’t big enough for 5-6 foot long iguana) at least 6′ tall, lights, utility bills, vet bills, shopping trips for the very speciallized foods they need etc. Add into that time spent handling it EVERY DAY and preparing food, feeding, cleaning large cage frequently, bathing etc. Iguanas are not good pets for those who cannot devote the time and money to them. Get him a bearded dragon. They can live in a tank, and are much easier to care for.

  • xrose_of_shyronx:

    I bought mine for 24.99 i have seen them cheaper and more expencive depending on where you get them and how old they are. Ok but the first thing you need to have is space for it. Eventually Iguanas will need a lot of room. to start out you should probably get at least a 40 gallon vivarium i used a 55 gallon with a baby. if you have the right enclouser to house an iguana then you need to start to look at its housing equipment. this should consist of rubbing rocks (rocks that are not smooth and have rough edges for your Ig to rub off its shedding skin), You should also get some drift wood, if you get it from a pet store the be prepaired to spend a little money on this, if you have a lake near by you can also get natural drift wood, you will have to sanitize it though, if it is a piece that is small enough to put into your oven then you can kill any organisms that may hurt you Ig by heating up your oven to a temperature no hotter then 240 degrees. if you get a piece that cant be put in your oven then you can use a bleach to weight ratio of about 1:5 and place them in it for about 2 hours and make sure you also soak them afterwards for another 2 hours in warm water. Heat lamps, these are essential to you Ig’s health, they need to have temperatures in the day of no less then 88 degress F, and no less then 70 degrees F at night. The temperature is essential for the processing of the calcium that the iguana uses. I use two different lights i use a heat lamp durring the day and a blue light at night. the blue light helps keep the temperature at around 70 degrees. another thing that you will need is a water dish, Iguanas sometimes like to use their driking water as a toilet, so you have to change the water everyday, sometimes twice a day if the water gets soiled. next you may want to find a terrain for you iguana. I use something called Calci-sand. if the Ig ingests it is actually good for it, it doesnt cause impaction and is easy to filter out waste. Other people will say that you can use unprinted newspaper, which is cheeper and just as effective. now for food purposes, you should use Romaine, dandelion greens, rose petals, mustard greens, it’s ok to uses these on a regular basis, some other things that you can use but only a litttle bit once and a while, these would be bananas, grapes, carrots, raspberries. All of their food should be cut to proper size for you iguana. so if you get a baby , or a hatchling, the food should be cut up small. as they get bigger you can give it larger bits of food. You should only give the iguana a little bit of food twice a day, and eventually you will only have to give it one good serving once a day in the middle of the day.

    If you have any other questions about your iguana, or prepairing for your new iguana, please e-mail me at

    Happy New Year!

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