How to find the perfect iguana cage for your exotic green iguana

If you are an eccentric person, you might consider having an exotic pet, such as an amazing green iguana. You should know from the very beginning that they have a whole different set of needs than typical dogs or cats. One of the most important things you ought to know is that an iguana cage needs to fulfill certain demands in order to keep your green iguana housed comfortable. Here is a mini guide to some of the main considerations you should keep in mind while finding the perfect iguana cage.

Size is the first important aspect when buying an iguana cage. There is an incorrect idea many people believe in. It is a myth that says that a green iguana kept in a small iguana cage will not grow large. For instance, a healthy iguana can grow up to 6 feet in length, meaning that you will need to be able to make special arrangements such as an outdoor cage, or a dedicated room in your home where you can keep a big iguana cage. Think about the fact that your green iguana needs to be able to move and climb inside the cage.

Another important aspect is the temperature provided by the iguana cage. It is a known fact that reptiles are cold blooded creatures therefore they cannot self-regulate their body temperature. The place where you decide to put the iguana cage should be able to provide the temperature that will keep your iguana warm enough in order to stay healthy and digest food. A solution are usually the heat lights on the top of the iguana cage, but make sure first that the space is big enough for the iguana to move away from the lights if it start feeling over heated.

The third important thing you will have to take into consideration when placing the iguana cage in your house is the humidity. green iguanas come from native habitats with high air humidity, which prevents dehydration. You should know that the lack of humidity can cause skin problems, eventually leading even to death from kidney failure.

The last important aspect is the light. If your will not be able to let your iguana sit under the sun, make sure the cage provides an artificial source of the UV rays in order to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

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