How to tame your pet Iguana?

How to take care of your first Iguana

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  • lins:

    talk to your iguana for three non stoping day..

  • Dustin:

    Put it in a cage, take it to the pet store, and tell them you’d like to exchange it for a dog.

  • Cyfu:

    Read this link below:

    The green Iguana Society sort of has proven methods that they recommend. IF this was helpful please vote me best.

  • RealDeal:

    Mine does lots of tricks. I train him using electric shock. Basically, I put water all around the floor where I will be training him. I put 2 wires from an old hair dryer in the water. If he doesn’t do what I want then ZAP! If he does do what I want, then I give him food.

    I’m on my seventh Iguana but once you’re able to get the voltage just right, it works very well.


    YOU can care for them. feed them, water them giove them cover or shelter. but they are reptiles and you can never train one.
    The also will kill small animals to eat or harm humans and especialy children. they make bad pets.It’s really time to began regulating harmful animals and restrict them to zoos.
    South Florida is over ran with iguanas people have turned lose, and it’s creating quiet a problem just as the thousands of big snakes are.

  • escapingmars:

    Lots of handling! Some iguanas just don’t like it though! My Iguana was a female and we actually had her fixed so we didn’t have to worry about her becoming egg bound. This helped her calm down allot! I would also hand feed her strawberries, fresh spinach, squash and she had her own hibiscus plant! She ate healthier than we did! Also, very important, use nothing but vita light as your light source, he/she needs it to digest food properly, if she has bad light she will get irritated. The more protein based foods you use the more aggressive they will become, as well.

    When ever possible, I would expose our iguana to good old fashion sunlight in the summer. We live in Florida,so plenty hot here! While she laid out in the sun, I would spray her with a water bottle. She loved it.

    Taking care of an iguana is a lot of hard work actually! It is a fine sceince to keeping him/her healthy. I hope this has helped.

    Good Luck

  • lildarlinkristisue:

    Just spend a lot of time around your iguana. They tend to attach themselves to 1 person AND THAT IS IT! Behind their ears there is this one spot and if you caress it in a circular motion, it causes them to go into a “trance” like state. (Not Kidding) that is a good place to start as it will immediately calm them down to allow you to bond with them.
    As with all Reptiles, stress is very harmful, deadly infact. So do allow your iguana to have it’s own space, sheltered from prying eyes.

  • saffy:

    err. that is real hard. my iguanas are really fierce. they prefer to be left alone.
    maybe you can spend more time with yours??
    caution: well i tried. mine still scratch.

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