How would i go about taming my pet iguana?

and also how would i know the sex of my iguana? it is still a baby iguana but not quite sure how old it is.

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  • Brian:

    i have a 54in one its a girl she gos to the bathroom on paper she sleeps with me and shes never being a tank she is very love able my 3 year old pull her around the house at times will u got to handle them every day if you got to do it with gloves then do it and pet them the top of head and always do that then they will get use to people go on google to find out more they have alot of info im not the one who tamed my lizard the owner be4 me did alot with here and i keep up with it but they can be very love able pets

  • Alex C:

    iguana are mean you have to have it out day one

  • Katie:

    to tame the iguana hold him/her every day after about the first month or 2 you’ve had em.About 3-4 months after you began holding him he should be at-least sociable and not bite,but prepare many tail-whips and open-mouth threats in the beginning.For my iguana Osiris i found that hissing back at him worked,and never put your iguana down when he thrashes and flails or it reinforces the bad behavior,i’ve had my little dragon for about 7 months and he now happily rides on my shoulder and is very tame

    For telling the gender of your iguana won’t be able to tell till their about the 1 or 2nd year,males grow balls and their jowls get bigger, might start bobbing and get a tad bit more aggressive.

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