Iguana owners, are they good pets?

I’m thinking about getting an Iguana. I’ve read up on them, and can easily set up my room (which is quite spacious) for one to be happy. I think I would really enjoy having one (a somewhat lazy, low maintenance pet) but I thought I’d better ask people who’ve actually had an iguana. Do they really make good pets?

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  • Jasmine:

    I’ve had two in the past and yes they are great pets. Depending on what stage of life you get Him/Her at. If it is possible get her/him when they are young. But remember you can not constantly hold and love on him/her, but do give it enough attention to he/she will bond with you. As he/she gets older and bigger they should respond to you picking them up, holding them, feeding them quite well. Though Iguanas seems like a low maintenance animal, they are quite hard to get them use to you without them swatting their tails or biting towards you. Hope I helped & Good Luck.

  • Shayna:

    This is just from my experience and I’m not sure about others but while I was growing up we had 4 iguanas (not housed together!). Two of them were great and the other two were vicious as hell. Mind you, the two that were vicious, we bought as juvi’s/adults. They would whip and bite. We had to wear long leather gloves to protect ourselves from them. We eventually ended up taking the to a reptile rescue.

  • bomber:

    i wouldnt go for them. they get HUGE and when they get that big they get nasty too. try a leaopard gecko. those are great pets and really fun

  • evanescence_fr3ak:

    Iguanas are not low maintained pets … They require attention from you as there slave daily, and you still only have a 50/50 chance that they will accept you as there slave/owner.
    If you are willing to accept that you need to require UVB, heat, chopping up greens on a daily basis (couple times a day), giving bath, possibly being bite and needed stitches, higher electricity bill, possible ER runs for stitches, building a 6-7ft tall x 8-10ft long x 4ft enclosure, possibly spending a thousand of dollars on vet bills (if that is ever needed), and are willing to accept that your iguana may become aggressive, then yes iguanas make a great pet.
    My girl will est to be 3yrs of age in June, I adore her, but she is still a wild animal, she is not a dog/cat, and I know one day, even though she is sweet and adorable now, she may become aggressive.
    Every iguana is different, so can’t say you will have a wonderful experience if you get an iguana, you may, you may not.
    If you have a herp/reptile rescue center around you, I would ask and find out if they have an iguana there, if they do, would see if they would allow you to come check him/her out.
    Please do think about adoption over buying an iguana at a pet store.

    Sites for you to read:
    A great book to read and have on hand:
    Iguanas for Dummies by Melissa Kaplan

  • Bear:

    I like my iggy- but I dont recommend it. They get big expensive and mean

  • dennssinned:

    i’ve had two iguanas at the same time and they were good pets.. they were caged when they were small….but after 2 years they didn’t live in cages, they had the whole run of the house but they usually just sat around the window or light source….but this year we had a power failure in the winter and they passed :/

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