Iguana Ownership 101

An iguana pet sounds cool, but caring for an iguana is very different from taking care of a dog, cat or hamster. Any person who’s thinking of owning this pet should have some knowledge of an iguana’s requirements for it to lead a good life.

They are tropical animals accustomed to a hot and humid environment. In order to ensure your iguana pet has a long, happy and healthy life, you should replicate its original habitat and diet as closely as possible. A large tank or cage is important in order to contain your pet while also giving it enough space to move around freely. Iguanas love to climb, so be sure to provide a branch for them to perch on too.

It’s important for you to handle them with care. While they are solid looking lizards, you should never pick up an iguana by its tail. The animal can be injured, the tail could break off, or both! As the owner, you should also make it a habit to trim the claws of his iguana pet. If left unmaintained, you can get nasty scratches if you handle this pet roughly or carelessly. Regular visits to the vet are also important to ensure the continued health of your pet.

Feeding doesn’t just involve dropping manufactured iguana food into its feeding bowl. They require fresh vegetables. You should never even consider giving them any form of animal protein as this can lead to kidney failure in an animal that is an avowed herbivore. Vegetables like iceberg lettuce should be avoided too, as they are rich in moisture but not much else.

Buying an iguana from the pet store or rescuing one from a shelter is only the beginning of a serious responsibility. This pet will then rely entirely on its owner for shelter, food and care, so please don’t let it down!

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