Is it bad to spoil your pet iguana?

I have a 7 year old iguana who sleeps with me at night, she never could be put in a cage mostly because I felt like I was putting her in prison and she did no crime. She is outside everyday until about 6:pm then she is working her way under the blankets. I also have her pretty spoiled by hand feeding her, she eats well on her own but if I hand feed her she clears the bowl.

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  • Kelly:

    iguanas tend to get overweight in captivity, so i feel the same way with my iguana about being caged , but you will need to watch her weight and i would recommend a walk every few days, to work off extra calories they tend to build up around the middle, but as far as everything else, be grateful for such a companion, some iguanas i know can be little terrorist

  • raeee:

    my 6 year old iguana is sleeping next to me in my bed right now :]

    I think spoiling the pet iguana is fine, except i try to put her in her cage every once in a while. That way in cases of emergencies if she has to go in a cage she won’t be completely shocked and suffer anxiety

    i’m glad your iguana seems to be as tamed as mine !

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