Is owning an iguana safe when you’re pregnant?

I am almost 5 months pregnant and thinking of getting a pet iguana. I’ve owned one in the past and love them!! I realize the risk of salmonella, so I know to keep my hands clean and let the hubby tend to the cage cleaning. As long as I am cautious, would it be safe to own one?

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  • cutiE4evA:

    I think it should be fine just keep the iguanas shots up to date and be careful around it.

  • Luke D:

    it should hurt u what can it do to kill ur baby

  • Winged Wolf:

    Yes, it is safe to own an iguana while pregnant. As with any pet (particularly birds and reptiles), it is important to wash your hands after handling the animal or its cage. The only significant danger is salmonellosis (you have a higher risk of this from raw chicken than from reptiles).

    After the baby is born, be sure the reptile’s cage is locking, and that nothing that has been in contact with it can go into baby’s mouth. Simply keeping things reasonably clean will keep them safe. (Make sure you have the time to care for this high-maintenance reptile with a new baby! Preparing fresh iguana salad twice every day can take time, and the greens aren’t cheap, since lettuce and cabbage can’t be used).

  • Coco:

    as long as you wash your hands after touching the iguana it should be fine. also never have the baby near it (you prob. new that but… felt like i had to say it.)

    good luck and congrats!!!!

  • Agamid Paradise:

    I’m sorry but I’m going to have to disagree with the others!

    While salmonella may not be a big threat to you it may be to your baby! Salmonella affects people who have weak immune system or whose immune system is still building up!
    So while your immune system is strong- your baby isnt!

    Just my opinion- congratulations though!

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