My pet iguana has a puffy lower jaw?

i think my cat fell into the tank, and now the iguana is puffy around his mouth. any ideas what this is from?

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  • Yeah Whatever:

    It’s probably allergic to pussy cats.

  • MeSarah:

    ohkk “igauna” is the name of your cat.. thats fine … nope . no idea !! i jus got attracted to see why in the world u have tamed an iguana ..(if i m not wrong .. iguanas are large lizards..eww =P)

  • weput:

    does the iggy got like that just after the cat got in the cage?

    If not; what you are describing is classic for secondary nutritional hyperparathyroidism which is caused by low calcium and high phosphorus. Low calcium in the diet causes the body to remove calcium from the bones to maintain proper blood levels. This weakens the bones leading to fractures. (commonly known as metabolic bone disease)

    If yes… then i’m afraid your iguana has a broken jaw.. (surely he/she had a fight with the cat). Since the jaw is a commonly moved bone it is one of the first one to fracture.

    either way… take it to the vet as i’m just speculating… but puffy lower jaw is 99% if the time fracture.

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