My pet iguana, how do I quickly get rid of him?

I’m moving into a new place that doesn’t allow any pets and I can’t find anyone that will take my iguana. Are there any places that will take him?
Shelynn, I’ve had this iguana for 7 years now and have given him the best care. I hate having to get rid of him but there’s no way around it given my situation. Don’t act as though I’m some dumb kid who bought an iguana and changed his mind about it a couple weeks later.

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  • Retired:

    Did you try the humane society?

  • James B:

    Place an ad on

  • shelynn102002:

    You are a lousy human being for taking on a pet and be willing to get rid of him so quickly and for a pathetic reason. You never should have adopted him if you were not going to be able to keep him permanently. You are irresponsible and a selfish individual. I detest you. You could check with an animal shelter or where you got him from. But do us all a favor and never get another pet. You don’t deserve it. You are lower than dirt.

  • thatdangamber:

    i think there’s like a couple of safe haven places that you can drop them off… a fire department, police station, or hospitals.

  • mrsdeli:

    Iquana rescue center. Google it for your area.

  • Melissa M:

    Why would you move to a place that doesn’t allow pets if you already have one. It’s a LIZARD. How will they even know if you just keep quiet about it. They don’t know and your lizard still has his/her family and it’s home. Freakin A every one is happy.

  • SnakeLady:

    If you still have it, try placing an an at the local pet stores, or reptile shops in the area. Is it healthy? How is it’s attitude? I would like to adopt it if it is healthy and manageable. You can email me with specifics.

  • snakegirl8901:


  • kerrydaktyl:

    I personally wouldnt wanna move there if they dont allow pets and it meant getting rid of one 🙁

    However if there is no alternative, no friends who could look after it until you can find a pet friendly place then contact a rehoming centre. Failing that your local reptile shop may be willing to take it on. Also try zoos, animalariums etc.

    Before doing that though… check with the landlord that the ‘no pets’ rule includes hair free animals, Ive rented places that wont allow animals but they were ok about my snakes and iguana. I explained they dont drop hairs, they dont go on the funiture, dont scratch the doors, dont ruin the garden and they dont smell!! I had to tell a few white lies and say they never come out of their enclosures, but non-reptile people wont think anything of it lol! I explained ‘its no different to pet fish’, ok thats a little lie when talking about an adult ig, but they didnt argue and I got to keep my pets!! 😉

  • ferrisulf:

    Contact local shelters. Our animal shelter currently has an iguana they found sunning itself on someone’s fence. ^^;

    That–or contact an iguana breeder. Most would happily take him off your hands for you.

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