my pet iguana is growing a scab under his neck.what do i do?

my iguana has a piece of skin that has yellow and dark colors on its neck.some iguanas has this spot that hngs form it neck. thats where its growing the scab.what do i do?

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  • spellerwizard54:

    I am pretty sure it has an injury. Maybe it got a slight cut or something.

  • mullikindonna:

    you could try joining one of the iguana yahoo groups such as iguanaden or babyiguana, there are more but i know and belong to these, the people that belong to the groups are extremely experienced with iguanas and very knowledgeable, they will be able to answer any and all of your questions and if they don’t have the answers you need, which is rare, they can certainly steer you to someone who does have answers…. it does sound like an injury to me as well, and iguanas can go from bad to worse real quick so please take yours to a exotic or iguana vet, and i suggest you join one or both of the iguana yahoo groups that i suggested…. you might want to talk to cstamper or jaze on either one of the groups. good luck honey..
    if it was me, i would clean the area with betadine on a q-tip, then use neosporin without pain reliever…this is what i would do with either/both of my igs

  • lizardlover42000:

    If you take it to the vet they will give you some cream for it. Otherwise put some hydrogen peroxide on it daily.

  • jojo:

    well you should take it to the vet and have them take care of it then you don’t have to worry about it

  • goicuon:

    Go to the iguana discussion forum on

    THere are experts for every reptile under the sun there.

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