What are a list of SMALL vegetarian pet lizards besides Iguana??

Title says it all. I need to find out a few pet lizards that do not get big like the Iguana or Water Dragon that are veggie and fruit heads. Please do not list Iguana or Water Dragon. Thanks

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  • lupe:

    1. anole
    2. leopard gecko
    3. house gecko

  • Johanne M:

    first of all, the three listed are not veggie eaters, next, another lizard is the bearded dragon, when they are babies they eat crickets and other feeder insects and eat mostly veggies when they reach adult size, they grow to about 15 inches or a little bit bigger, another is the mali uromaystix, a bit smaller than the beardie, but both eat veggies and require just about the same environment to thrive.

  • Dion J:

    You may want to look at Blue Tongued skinks.
    They are omnivorous, but are relatively small and VERY nice.

  • J D:

    You can maybe get a monkey tailed skink they’re vegetarian, or you can get an Uromastix, but they live up to 35 years.

  • madsnakeman:

    Blue tongue skinks are great lizards. They’re not vegetarians, however, and eat about 50% vegetables and 50% meat products. I’ve owned and raised them for years, and for the meat part, I feed them canned cat food, scrambled eggs, or cooked chicken. I’ve never had to feed them live animals.

  • sexlexia:

    crested geckos they arnt vegetarian but they do have a special food for them where they dont need to eat live food like crickets or worms


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