What if a pet iguana turns a yellowish color?

I woke up August 30th to find my Iguana in the back of the cage. She was cold, because the heat bulb burnt out yesterday, so I picked her up and warmed her with my body heat. But when I took a better look at her she wasn’t her green self she was almost completely a pale yellowish color. What is wrong with her?

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  • lilbit:

    Yea I’d take her to a vet for real or the local reptile store and see what they have to say that doesn’t sound good at all.

  • idontwannabefound2nite:

    I used to have an iguana and I know that their diet and light/heat affect their color. Probably being cold and without the heat lamp she has turned to this yellowish color. IF you’re really worried I would have her checked at the vet. Other than that I would definately get the heat lamp working again and see if she resumes her normal colors.

  • fairly smart:

    heat her back up & make sure she has a sunlight too. They need sunlight, real or in bulb form. Some iguanas are yellow, but not usually suddenly, after a bit of stress. Can’t hurt to take her to the vet.

    (Cold won’t hurt them, to a point…that is how you put them down if you have to. After a point, they feel no pain & just go to sleep. The final steps are the fridge & freezer.)

  • reptilehunter33647:

    Signs of Stress
    Overall dark gray, dark brown, black, and yellow are not normal iguana colors. While there are exceptions to this rule the exceptions are rare. Generally speaking, when an iguana is stressed, the color change begins on the head, upper body, tail, legs, spreading around the torso to the belly. The belly may remain green or yellow for some time after the rest of the body has grayed or browned out.

    The stress may be due to several factors – environmental, psychosocial, and physiological. Stress in one area, such as an improper photoperiod, an aggressive cagemate, a hovering cat, or poor diet, will lead in time to physiological problems as the immune system becomes compromised and system infection sets in.

  • pelon a:

    its noramal

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