what is better for a pet a iguana or a chinese water dragon?

what is a good name for it?
any other info would be helpful

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  • Cool Girl:


    But remember! Safety first!

  • ilovewolves_animals:

    Iguana they are easier I think. And more common.

  • pondering_it_all:

    I had an iguana, and it was just about the most boring pet ever. It would remain perfectly motionless for hours on end, and then run full tilt until it hit the wall. Then motionless for hours, etc.

    A rat would make a much better pet! They will actually bond with you.

  • gemdolphine28:

    Any iguana Definitely!!! I have two and they make the best pets. They are personable and love you to death if you treat them right. I LOVE IGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sillililmunchkin:

    Bearded Dragons.. They are so awesome! =)

    Pondering it..LOL… my iggy did that,too.. I actually found that to be their most entertaining trait.LOL… they are spazzos.

  • jenn_a:

    Both have very demanding needs as far as cage space and heat. Make sure you deal with those issues.

    But I prefer Water Dragons. They are easier to feed, they are carnivorous and eat bugs and insects. Add some vitamin powder to their crickets a couple times a week, and your done! They also “bond” with their keeper, and become pretty tame and personable. They do not get as big as iguanas, so they are easier to handle in high stress situations.

    Iguanas need a totally vegetarian diet, with many kinds of plant matter to keep them healthy. Also, while they usually tame down and become friendly, they are hard and dangerous to handle when they choose to be.

  • N t:

    bearded dragon the iguana is very easy to find but the beared dragon eats alot

  • wendi_just_me:

    if you don’t have a lot of experience, then get the water dragon. They don’t grow as large as iguanas do and are easier to handle when full grown.

  • Ladyofthflame:

    wow… lol. way to choose two difficult choices. Those both require experienced care and are VERY temperamental. They both require holding EVERY DAY to keep even a passably appropriate temperament. That’s an awfully large responsibility. Of course, I’m assuming you want a pet you can hold. If you don’t care, i’d go chinese water dragon. Iguanas require a lot of everything. Cool place, warm place, basking place, humidity, height, length, width (aka. a whole bunch of space), and much more. If I were you, if you are just beginning that is, start with a bearded dragon or a leopard gecko. Two of the easiest, nicest, reptiles you will find. And since taking care of a pet requires so much care and detail, much more than can easily be said in this forum, simply go to any search engine and look up “(insert animal here) care sheet”

  • hazoma:

    i thinnk both are dab

  • dead_blue_angel:

    i have an iguana, and its the sweetest animal i have (my own, im the only one who takes care of him)and i think its pretty easy to handle…but he got an absess that took 5 months to cure,but it was hard for me to find a vet for him…
    his name is ozzy

  • Alyssa J:

    Iguana’s grow far larger (up to 6 feet) and bite and tail-whip you violently if they are unhappy. They require huge cages, a varied diet, and correct lighting to remain happy and comfortable.

    I don’t know much about water dragons, but I know iguanas are not a good pet for beginners and should be given a lot of consideration before you buy.

  • bufffy:

    iguana, i used 2 have 1. they can be ausome but u have 2 be careful some do have sharp claws & they could get fiesty, i dont know about names i was never 2 good at that.

  • alvinyprime:

    An iguana is the best.

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