What kind of lizards (that are ideal as pets for a 10 year old) do not eat live food, besides an iguana?

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  • MaggieS:

    A 10 year old? Hmm. Not very many, unless a parent helps take care of it. And besides iguanas, there aren’t very many lizards that only eat vegetation and are readily available in captivity. Bearded dragons, plated lizards, and uromastyx make good lizard pets, but they are omnivores and require protein as well as plant material.

  • I think I know the answer:

    none that i can think of, sorry♥

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  • Gavin:

    ITS CHAMELEONS, and they eat almost complete insects, and they must have a wide variety of them too, and yes they need to be alive. not a beginners pet.

  • Paul:

    a uromastyx their very cool looking and don’t eat live food do your reseach before u get one though

  • matt:

    An easy animal to take care of that does not require live food is a crested gecko. They can be feed a diet powder found in most pet stores that is simply mixed with water, they also eat some fruits (non-citrus). HOWEVER, it is recommended that they are given crickets from time to time (because they like a good hunt) and some breeders/pet stores might feed them crickets on a regular basis which would make the gecko hard to train to eat the powder mix. Therefore, get it from a breeder that feeds their gecko the mix regularly and crickets/mealworms sparingly.

    Also, you should do quite alot of research on these geckos before purchasing them. They do require a tropical environment which involves spraying the enclosure a few times for humidity as well as keeping the temp of the enclosure at room temp (around 75) and no higher than 80 (over 80 and they get extremely stressed which can actually kill them). So like I said, research it up. These guys can make great pets if you take the time and effort.

  • Gianni:

    A bearded dragon definitely because i have one and he is so nice i think they are the best pets. they live from 3-15 years. they eat crickets, Kelp, meal worms, a few other things but i feed mine this. Also you can get them dry food at the pet shop that just needs water. But do not feed them avocados or cabbage. They eat friut like tomatos, apples, grapes, oranges all that except AVOCADOS!!

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