what should i do if my pet iguana got burned on his face?

what type of medicine should i use ?

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  • petsitter12:

    ask ur vet

  • Melissa C:

    depending on the severity of the burn if its severe take him to the vet they have vets that deal with reptiles. I had an iquana that had burns on his belly from a heat lamp at the pet store we put neosporin on it of course you dont want that to get in his eyes or mouth so if you choose to do that be careful.
    but watch for infection. Find the reason why he is burnt! you should never have a heat rock in your cage they dont know when to get off of them you should use a heat lamp that is out of reach of the lizard. check your local pet store or if you have a pet co in your area you may want to see if they have anything special to put on it but keep in mind it does take a while to heal. also make sure you soak him in water I do mine atleast twice a week.

  • Danne:

    First, find out what burned him. Do you use a hot rock? Can he get to/touch his heat lamp? Or are you just keeping his cage incredibly too hot? Whatever it is, it isn’t his fault that he got burned, it’s yours. Reptiles cannot feel how hot something is as acurately as one might think, they just know if they need to warm up or cool down – and will do so. It’s up to you to keep them safe.

    I’ve seen a commercial product availible that helps with reptile burns, but really you should see a vet. Without proper care the risk of infection is very high, especially from a facial burn. A good reptile vet has worked with iguanas specifically before. Break out your phone book and call around, don’t just go with anyone who says ‘treats exotics.’ Exotics can mean anything from cockatoos to kinkajous, make sure the vet has experience with iguanas specifically.

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