Why has my pet iguana stopped moving?

I feed my iguana whatever he likes, and he seems to like MnMs, so that’s what he usually eats. He absolutely loves Coke, and I drink it and I’m okay so i figured it is okay. A while ago he stopped moving, and he won’t eat or drink. Is he hibernating or is this a bad thing?

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  • Satellite:

    your not suppose to give th anything with caffeine i think a proper burial is in order

  • Chris:

    A. hes sleeping/hibernating
    B. hes dead

    you should only feed you iguana vegetables and insects, not MnM’s and Coke

  • m00nMan:

    check if it’s breathing. if you have and it is, then i got nothing. probably has something to do with the COKE AND M&M’s /:-!

  • me:

    aw. if you’re serious, you shouldn’t have fed him m&ms or coke…. i hope he’s ok…. but they’re only suppoesd to have veggies and/or insects….. sorry… but i think he’s either sick or dead….

  • Fleur:

    Eeee… I don’t think iguanas are supposed to snack on MnMs and coke. Remember, just because you can have these doesn’t mean he can. Iguanas need veggies and crix. Of course, check if he’s breathing, but it may be too late as iguanas DON’T hibernate. I’d thought he’d be hyper on Coke, too. If he’s alive, take him to a vet. If he’s not, then… um.
    Is this a serious question or a joke? Just asking…

  • twitch:

    sorry to tell you this but it’s very unhealthy to feed iguanas sugar and caffeine which can cause death at the moment he is probably on the verge of death iguanas do not hibernate take him/her to a vet immediately and if he/she recovers put it up for adoption you not fit to have one and you should of done your research on them if you decide to keep when cured (which i don’t suggested) got http://www.greenigsociety.org/

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