Can my pet iguana stay outside in the rain?

He seems to like it although he can get into the shelter area of his cage. He is just sitting on his deck outside of his cage in the rain.

4 Responses to “Can my pet iguana stay outside in the rain?”

  • t!to:

    no no no it will die .
    keep him nice and warm hahahahah

  • Nora:

    Yes it fine if its during the summer. Most iguanas are found in the rainforest so they are immune to it. But if it rains during the winter I would bring him in or cover its cage with a TON of blankets and a heating pad.

  • rawr :

    my cousin did that [in the winter] and it died…but maybe during the summer it will be ok.

  • Penguin:

    Only if it is very warm where you live. Since they live in tropical regions, it is not the rain that is of any concern, but if it is not warm enough he could seriously get sick. He probably enjoys you misting him with warm water though. =)

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