How stressful are iguanas as pets?

My aunt had a huge Iguana living in her house when i was a boy, that thing was humongous at least 5 feet in length, i haven’t talked to my aunt in years and lost contact with alot of my family so here i am asking the web!

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  • kouneli:

    First of all, as you know, they get big. They also require fresh greens/fruits/veggies each day, a very large cage, heat lamps, UVB light (best way to get it is for it to be outside on nice days), as well as regular handling. If it doesn’t get regular handling (literally every day), it will not be tame and that tail really does hurt when they whip it at you. They can also have a variety of health problems. “Exotic” animal vet bills are much more costly than your regular dog or cat. They require calcium in their diet, as well. Otherwise, they could get metabolic bone disease that’s irreversable.

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