I have a iguana but my stepson has a low immune system will it hurt him to have pets in the house?

My iguana doesn’t have any illnesses but I don’t want my stepson to suffer. My stepson has had 3 open heart surgeries & I’m afraid that he will get sick again. The iguana is a green iguana, he is not very old.

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  • gekker:

    Practice good hand washing, and I think you will be fine. My son has had open heart surgery too and I keep a bottle of Purell or germX nearby all the time. We have many pets, and he is healthy.

  • alleycat3261992:

    not that i no of

  • vw_72camper:

    iguanas can make you sick if you dont wash your hands good after handling them. so if he touches the lizard make sure his hands are scrubed!

  • Ian:

    if you think it will hurt him dont keep it!!!

  • wenc_just_me:

    It is important to take good care of the reptile to keep it healthy to prevent your son from contracting an illness from it. Buy an iguana book and make sure it is being taken care of, because when reptiles and birds become sick they can spread somonella, but when healthy they are not contagious. Keep your home very clean and clean up after your pets and take good care of them: good food, vet visits, shots, dewormer, etc.. and you should be just fine.

  • alzgreat:

    Honestly, no. As long as he doesn’t expose himself to where they defacate, he’s fine. The only area, really where Igs have active bacteria is in their stomachs to aid in digestion of food. As long as you the Ig owner doesn’t let you beauty soil its’self or roll in it.(bathe them once-twice a week and wipe their back legs/feat clean. Light soap is fine as long as you KEEP IT below the waist, at most, below the neck. Enjoy, I smuggled my 2 Igs now 4&3yrs old from the west coast to the East and wrote a short story about it.

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