My aunt has a pet iguana but it freaks me out, what do I do?

I really love my aunt, but her freakishly large iguana makes me uncomfortable in her household. I really would like to go over more, but I usually only go when Muzzy (her iguana) is at the pet store getting a bath-scrub. Please help me decide what to do, just not go over there? Kill the iguana? Would there be some sort of law againt me murdering my aunt’s iguana?

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  • jff_m_31:

    called animal cruelty.aka micheal vick.ignore it

  • *Oh Em Gee*:


    Why not just put a towel over his terrarium so you can’t see him. Or just don’t sit in that room. Find another place in the house to chill.

  • bridget ♥'s bruce ;]:

    I dunno man.
    I dunno.
    Blast that sucka.

  • shasowhawk:

    yes there is a law against it you would be charged for animal cruelty and probably sued. I would suggest kindly asking your aunt to maybe put the iguana in a cage or an area safe form harm outside. If your scared of it tell her she will probably understand.

  • Gavin.:

    Hey, put a towl or blanket over the vivarium and problem solved… wala.

  • Asparagus:

    Why exactly does Muzzy make you feel uncomfortable? If you can figure out the reason, it’ll help you get over it. Try spending more time with her while your aunt is around. Iguanas are beautiful creatures, even more so when you like them! Make an effort to overcome this. Then once you’re on good terms with Muzzy, take her to your friends places and freak ’em out! Just kidding 😉

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