What pet would be cooler than an iguana to have but that’s not hell to take care of?

My brother had an iguana and i thought it was the coolest thing ever and my mom said i could get one but i dont wanna get one then find some other pet that i would’ve rather had gotten.

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  • Killjoy:

    ball python

  • Gsd's and APBT's babyy!:

    my only advice to you is to not get a pet.

  • Max:

    I’d get a leopard gecko. They are small (8-10 inches), don’t require expensive items, they only cost about 30-40 dollars (much cheaper than an iguana) and they choose one place in their tank to go poop in, and then never use anywhere else to go poop.
    They are very fun pets, and love to be played with and handled, and don’t hurt if they (for some strange unknown reason) decide to bite. They can’t climb glass, so they don’t escape very often. I have two leopard geckos, and they are both very sociable.

  • chihuahualady264:

    bearded dragon, savannah monitor,

  • Cold Blooded Guardian:

    Bearded Dragon is your best bet. There are different morph colors and the are really friendly and do not take up too much room and get about 24 inches maybe a little smaller. They make great pets and in my opinion are one of the best lizards to keep.


  • SPend_day:

    people who by pets for the cool factor normally get bored of them pretty quick. get a pet u really want not one thats just “cool”

  • lizardmomma:

    how about a blue tongue skink…nothing cooler than a bright blue tongue sticking out at you….bluetongueskinks.net has some great info for you to check out.

  • Mike P:

    ball python u feed 1nce a week as an infant.. MICE !!.. like im talkin tinny ass snake eatin a mouse.. its bad ass!!.. as an adult u feed it mayyybe once a month … so theres ur easy to take care of …. 20 gallon long tank is more than enough… and their VERY friendly… i know 7 people with ball pythons.. one of which breeds them and is addicted to snakes.. hes actually gettin me one.. so stick with ball python 100%

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