Who knows what is wrong with my pet iguana Lewis?

my pet igauna Lewis, isn’t moving or breathing.the pet store clerk sold him to me like this, im not an expert but this seems wrong aren’t they livley creatures??im very upset and he was my only friend.

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  • Ronnie:

    take him to the vet asap!

  • MMFCL *Colton James due 6/30/09*:

    uh huh. you bought an animal that was not breathing. sure.

  • gimmenamenow:

    They are supposed to be somewhat lively, yes… BUT didn’t you have that suspicion before you bought him? Or did you settle for the first/only iguana you could find? NEVER buy a sickly-looking reptile from a pet store unless you’re prepared to have it die on you. Hard to tell what’s wrong with it since we don’t know how well it was kept at the pet store, or what kind of setup you have for it now.

    Take it to a vet and don’t get your hopes too far up.

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